Thursday, August 14, 2014

Previewing 2014: Texas A&M vs South Carolina

Over at SB Nation I dive into some of the schemes and themes of A&M's game against South Carolina on opening weekend.

Quite frankly, everything coming out of the A&M camp that wasn't written or signed off by A&M or SEC homers tells a frightening picture of a school that has a lack of accountability and a weak culture.

The first thing that happens when you have a weak culture that doesn't exact the most out of a team is you see it on defense where toughness is paramount.

Given all the cultural issues as well as the loss of several major players on defense that were expected to play big roles in 2014, I'm expecting A&M to have another terrible year on defense this year.

On offense, I think the immensely enjoyable nature of the Aggies' offense as well as their preponderance of talent will still allow them to have success. If they don't, they could collapse in year one without Johnny and lose a lot of their recruiting momentum they've enjoyed against Texas.

Assuming of course, that Texas doesn't also have a terrible year.

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