Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cardale Jones gives Ohio State the best chance to beat the Hokies and their 46 defense

The article I alluded to in the last post is now up at SB Nation. Check it out here. My suspicion is that the Buckeyes will roll with Cardale Jones rather than JT Barrett for his ability to punish an aggressive Hokie game plan by throwing the ball downfield and beating man coverage.

I think you're going to see more and more smashmouth teams look to land pocket QBs rather than grabbing dual-threat guys like Urban Meyer and Gus Malzahn have done in the past. Why? Because a defense is more over-stressed by a guy that can throw outside the hash marks on RPOs and down the field on play-action than they are by a guy that can run option with the RB.

The first thing Chad Morris did when he took over at SMU? Land Elite 11 passer Ben Hicks. The first QB signed by Tom Herman at Houston? "Pro-style passer" Bowman Sells.

As the smashmouth spread sees it's influence in Texas expand you'll see this trend continue as coaches look to take advantage of the state's supply of good passers to complement their physical run games.

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