Thursday, September 10, 2015

How Kiffin is assembling his 2015 Bama offense

I broke down the Tide's performance against Wisconsin over at SB Nation and talked about how they are designing the offense to make Derrick Henry an unfathomably dangerous weapon.

Check it out here.

Someone in the SEC is going to load the box and make Alabama beat them by executing throws down the field against man coverage and I'm not sure Coker and these young WRs are up for it. If they are...well then Alabama's going to be freaking awesome again.

Bummer that the Badgers ended up with a starting safety tandem of Musso and that other guy instead of McEvoy and Caputo. It definitely hurt them in this game. Joel Stave looks like a different player from last year though, Wisconsin is going to make noise in the Big 10 West this year and will probably win that division.

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