Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Previewing the 2014 Texas football schedule: UCLA

Over at Inside Texas we continue to examine the match-ups for Texas against each opponent on the schedule. This time we cover UCLA (free!).

Some of the main points about UCLA include the fact that they have a really solid OL, a potentially great DL, and a future NFL player at QB. Those are more or less exactly where you want to have premium talent on the football field, especially if you can pair it with experienced, if only average, talent at the skill positions and the defensive backfield.

As it happens, the Bruins have a very experienced secondary and some veteran pieces at WR and RB as well. Provided that Brett Hundley is working hard this offseason, and you'd better believe he is since this is essentially a contract year for him, there's the potential that UCLA will be able to build a really strong team around these strengths.

This is probably the 2nd most talented team on the schedule, I'm sure you can guess who #1 is.

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