Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jerry Kill's Minnesota Gophers and building your defense outside-in

Over at Football Study Hall I broke down the Minnesota Gopher defense, an aggressive cover 4 scheme that a utilizes wide-9 strongside end and wide 5-tech weakside end as well while getting after Big 10 offenses.

Despite the fact that every member of the secondary besides corner Jalen Myrick was a 2-star athlete, the Gophers have a pretty good unit and corner Eric Murray in particular is a strong player. I again renew my objection to the notion that the service rankings are particularly insightful or valuable.

When a defense has two good corners they can build around it gives them all kinds of flexibility within quarters concepts to swarm an offense's best features, attack with the blitz, outnumber the run, and free up the linebackers and two interior DBs to run to the football.

While taking notes on the likely 2015 Gopher secondary I asked for an opinion from Space Coyote, the brilliant man who runs Breakdown sports, which is one of the most in-depth X's and O's websites in existence and entirely devoted to Big 10 football. You should check it out.

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