Friday, March 25, 2016

How Texas will use the TE position in 2016

I noticed two interesting things while writing this article, which you can read for free at Inside Texas.

The first is that Texas is starting to build a legacy of fielding absolutely mauling blocking TEs over the last few years with Caleb Bluiett taking up the mantle of Geoff Swaim and freshman Peyton Aucoin waiting in the wings.

The second is that the state of Texas doesn't produce a ton of top-ranked TEs. Why is that?

Is it that Texas HS offenses don't use the position as much as other states? That there are fewer 6'4" 230+ pound young men at Texas playing offense? That the position tends to be poorly evaluated? (Rice's success suggests perhaps that it is)

Something interesting I'll be probably be theorizing on in the future.

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