Sunday, December 4, 2016

Or, an alternative plan

It's been pointed out to me that the difficult Penn State vs Ohio State debate could be avoided if the committee were to punish Washington for having the 127th ranked OOC schedule.

Washington's schedule looks like this in sum:

Rutgers: 48-13
Idaho: 59-14
Portland State: 41-3
@Arizona: 35-28
Stanford: 44-6
@Oregon: 70-21
Oregon State: 41-17
@Utah: 31-24
@Cal: 66-27
USC: 13-26
Arizona State: 44-18
@Wazzu: 45-17
Colorado: 41-10

Not that terribly impressive, no? Seven home games, zero OOC challenges, and the road tests were Utah and Wazzu. Those are solid teams, but nothing to write home about.

Penn State played Pitt on the road and AAC champion Temple in their OOC, Ohio State traveled to Norman to give us an Oklahoma vs Ohio State showdown that enriched our early season football viewing. Washington can talk about how they went on to play a Pac-12 schedule but the only team they played on the level of a Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio State, or Penn State beat them soundly on their own field.

I think the committee should bump Penn State over Washington by virtue of winning the toughest league in 2016 and then the Huskies can howl if Alabama beats the tar out of the Nittany Lions and shout to anyone who will listen that they would have done better.

That way they reward good OOC scheduling, which is good for the fans and makes decisions like this easier in the future, and also honor the team that won the best division and league in college football.

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