Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sports Treatise has a new home!

I've built out a newer, better site to serve as the new home for Sports Treatise!

You can check it out by following this link. If you go there you'll continue to find the same sort of content you've always enjoyed here and will also find over the coming months:

-My breakdown of every Big 12 recruiting class!

-Analysis of where every returning Big 12 QB is at in terms of basic spread competency and value-add.

-An article discussing market inefficiencies in Big 12 recruiting.

-A breakdown of the 2015 AAC championship game between Temple (coached by Matt Rhule) and Houston (coached by Tom Herman).

-And much more! Go check it out now, I've started things up with a survey of the cultural struggles that have long existed within college football and now play out in a friendly, safe environment on college football Saturdays!