Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Baker Mayfield, the unwanted high school champion

Over at SB Nation I did a write-up on Mayfield, who's now garnering Heisman attention after taking down Baylor.

The 6'0" or shorter, quick-thinking, quick-moving, solid-armed, gritty white QB has generally been pretty underrated by college evaluators these days though that's now changing. The services were actually more accurate here than college coaches as Mayfield was given a three-star rating despite not having very good offers.

Like I say in the article, colleges hadn't caught on that prototypical height and NFL measurables don't really matter in the spread era. Being able to throw concepts, buy time, and make off-schedule plays is a much bigger deal.

Baker Mayfield is basically another Jake Waters, and you can win a lot of games in the Big 12 with a guy like that. I wish Texas had taken him in any of their numerous opportunities to do so.

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