Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kyler Murray, the return of the Aggie run game, and baseball-playing QBs

Check out my new post on how Kyler Murray enables A&M to get back to what they were doing so well in the Johnny Football era of (almost literally) yesteryear.

Within that article, I briefly mention a new theory of how teams should look for QBs. We've all been getting pretty close to it with Trent Dilfer's realizations of what QB skills translate to actual success on the field, the growing realization that it's helpful for kids to grow up playing multiple sports, and plays like this:

Perhaps more teams should look for QBs by searching the baseball diamond? And perhaps more HS and private skills coaches should look to groom QBs by encouraging them to play baseball where they can learn to throw from different arm angles and with different footwork.

The applications to throwing from a moving pocket are clear.

Meanwhile, the following QBs have a background in baseball:

Pat Mahomes: His dad was a MLB star and he plays baseball for Tech.

Shane Buechele: Ditto for the Longhorn QB commit.

Kyler Murray: Drafted to the MLB.

Johnny Manziel: Ditto.

Tom Brady: Drafted out of HS as a catcher but went to Michigan to play football instead.

The list is really quite extensive. Good athletes who can throw on the move tend to be pretty good in the spread offense. Let's take note.

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