Thursday, November 19, 2015

The next OC at Texas

I keep having to write this column, it'd be nice to have some stability in Austin again. Here's a look at what Charlie needs to look for (and who he might look at) to bring some leadership and vision to the Texas offense.

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  1. "Wickline’s specialty is building OL for the spread and his career took off working with Air Raid coordinators. Les Koenning was from the Urban Meyer school of offense that utilizes entirely different concepts. Then Watson was asked to oversee a move to the spread with new staff Jay Norvell and Jeff Traylor, both of whom are ambitious and know much more about the offense than their boss did."

    This is the same reason why Tony Franklin didn't work out at Auburn when Tuberville was there. None of the other assistants really bought in to the Air Raid. It also didn't help that Tommy wouldn't give Franklin full say over everything, especially the playcalling. What a mess.

    It helps when the entire staff is on the same page philosophically.