Thursday, November 12, 2015

Is Brent Venables the best defensive coordinator in college football?

I've got a two-part preview of the Baylor-OU game coming. Part one will be an examination of the Mike Stoops vs Art Briles battle over the years and how it might look this year and you can expect to see it very soon on Football Study Hall.

I'll host part two here and it will dive into the OU offense vs the Baylor defense.

In the meantime, can we all appreciate now that bringing in Mike Stoops and pushing out Venables was a bad, bad idea? A few words on his success at Clemson.


  1. Hi Ian,
    Venables at Clemson has DL players annually that he only rarely had at OU. Think that skews the comparison a bit. Alas, I think this year's RRS is enough to sour OU fans on the Mike Stoops return.

    1. It should be enough, I was done, done, done with Mike after last year's Baylor game.

      Did OU not have good DL talent in the 00's? They at least had some solid dudes if I remember correctly but they had fantastic LBs every single year.

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