Friday, December 11, 2015

Has Texas stolen Baylor's identity?

Not exactly, Gilbert has his own take on Briles offense, but sort of, yes. It's funny to see Briles and some Baylor fans be indignant about it given that they've been attempting to steal Michigan State's defensive identity and should probably steal some more of it.

Stealing ideas is a major part of the coaching game. What's sad for this Texas fan though is that back in the days of DKR, it was the Longhorns who innovated new takes on the option and everyone else who stole from Texas. Now Texas is reduced to stealing what they couldn't come up with on their own, like some land thief from across the Red River.

Over at Inside Texas I break down what Sterlin Gilbert's variety of the Briles offense looks like and how it fits at Texas.


  1. I'm sure you remember where that innovative Longhorn was from.

    But yes,
    Let the hate flow through you.