Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My summary of OU's triumphant 2015 season

They definitely got lucky, but they also ended up putting together a team that works together really well and proved to be the most complete squad within the league.

It'll be very interesting to see how they fare against the other playoff teams. Read up on it here.

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  1. The masses focused on the "lucky" part, especially the Baylor crowd. While you agreed with them, I disagree at least somewhat.

    Baylor ran Russell too much so his odds of injury were high. He averaged 7 rushes (this is from BillC's stats that censor "runs" from pass plays) over his first 7 games. Why are you running your QB vs Rice, SMU, Lamar, Tech, Iowa St, and Kansas?!?!

    His odds of injury were high, and OU got to Stidham anyway. OU relatively controlled line play on both sides. To say Russell would've tipped the scales in that game assumes too much.

    OU matches up poorly, relatively, vs Bama. I think only Ohio St would be well-suited to taking the Tide on again, but oh well.

    I've only watched snippets of Clemson outside of the ND game. The Big10 representative is inferior to the other three.