Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why Michigan State might be your 2016 Champions

Experience. It matters, and the Spartans have it in spades.

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  1. Hi Ian

    When looking at OU v Clemson, why has the OU-Tennessee game not been a greater focus?
    RE OU's D:
    OU had problems stopping Dobbs in the first half when they were reading interior DL on ZR and using RB to lead Dobbs, both of which Clemson could do. Dobbs ~ Watson ~ JW Walsh as passers.

    RE OU's O:
    The Tennessee DL, esp DE are formidable, and OU struggled with them when they were both healthy. The back 7 for Clemson is better.

    I think Clemson is basically a better version of the Vols. OU wouldn't have beaten the Tigers had they played them in September, but the Sooners have improved markedly on both sides of the ball since then. It'll be a tight game.