Thursday, July 7, 2016

Can Brandon Harris lead LSU back to the title game?

At some point LSU should just focus on snatching up 3-star QBs with good football IQ and strong arms and just stock pile them so that they can always roll out a developed, system guy in his third, fourth, or fifth year to lead the charge every year.

That's what I'd consider doing, were I Les Miles.

In the meantime, maybe their current athletic freak who struggles to execute a pro-style offense will actually put things together. If Brandon Harris does so, obviously LSU is going to be very good in 2016.


  1. I think this is actually the biggest issue with LSU's scheme. Louisiana does NOT reliably produce these players.

    If Cameron sticks around a bit longer as OC, maybe we can start pulling these guys kinda guys out of Texas or Indiana (where Cameron has roots and these kinda guys seem to grow on trees)

    I think Louisiana's talent would be perfect for a Tom Herman/Chad Morris style power spread.....

    1. It would be, or you could keep doing what you're doing and just cycle in QBs from other spots to lead the charge.

      Either path done well could lead to more championships.

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