Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What about the Vols?

I lost interest in the Vols pretty quickly in 2015 when Butch Jones blew their game against Oklahoma and then later blew another close contest against an SEC opponent I can't recall.

Then they hired one of my favorite DCs, Bob Shoop, to take charge of what was already a really strong defense. Now they are pretty intriguing as an SEC East contender and a preseason constant that should be useful for gauging some interesting 2016 variables in Appalachian State and Virginia Tech.

Personally I like how Shoop blends cover 6 and fire zones on standard downs, a formula that worked remarkably well for Texas back in 2011 before they went in a different direction (over a cliff, to be precise).

Read about how Shoop will deploy the Tennessee defense in 2016 here.

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