Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Minnesota and ball-control offense

I'm simply not a huge fan of ball control offense at the college level unless the teams utilizing it are packaging their different pass and run game concepts as constraints for one another. Teams that want to work their way down the field with the drop-back passing game AND a sturdy run game are up against it in terms of teaching their players to do both well enough to be efficient.

The Minnesota Gophers have been trying to do this and without the requisite explosiveness at the skill positions to give them much margin for error. Todd McShay is evidently impressed watching their QB Mitch Leidner struggle down the field but the Gophers needed to mix things up a bit for 2016.

They hired a Pistol guy in Jay Johnson so we'll see if that does the trick, read about my concerns with their old ball-control approach and how they could make it work for them next year here.

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