Saturday, July 30, 2016

Can Tech improve on defense in year 2 with Gibbs?

The common perception on Tech, especially by opposing fans eager to dismiss the return of Pat Mahomes, is that they are going to fantastically suck on defense in 2016.

After all, they're losing all four starters on the D-line, inside-backer and leading tackler Micah Awe, and up and coming backer Dakota Allen from a defensive front that was next to useless in 2015. However, they return five experienced components from a secondary that took well to Gibbs' philosophy of forcing turnovers, are promoting young trench warriors Breiden Fehoko and D'Vonta Hinton, and are now in year two of a somewhat complicated scheme.

Head over to Football Study Hall to read about why Tech might make enough of a leap on defense to make the most of an already formidable offense.


  1. First off, great site and some of the very best football analysis here and on Football Study Hall.

    Would love to see an article on Kingsbury's offense.

    1. I've got one coming for Vice Sports (on Mahomes at least) that I'll link from here.

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