Thursday, September 1, 2016

All my opening game previews in one place!!!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Football is about to start, I'm planning to dive in starting tomorrow night with Stanford vs Kansas State. There are a ton of great games this opening weekend and I've got previews on many of them up at SB

Here's everything published so far (still got TX vs ND coming this week) for you to enjoy while pretending to work these next two days.


That'd be Stanford vs Kansas State if you're having trouble keeping track at home. I broke down why the Wildcats are likely to be solid on defense this year and a tougher challenge for the Cardinal then Vegas seems to think.

Georgia vs North Carolina

Remember when Baylor ran for like 6k yards on UNC? I bet new Dawg OC John Chaney does...

Auburn vs Clemson

I'm really bear-ish on Auburn having a good year or saving Malzahn's job unless John Franklin III can figure out their offense well enough to take over.

LSU vs Wisconsin

Dave Aranda + elite LSU athletes = ?

UCLA vs Texas A&M

Now would be a good time for Sugar Bowl Knight to make a reappearance. If not, perhaps Myles Garrett and Daeshon Hall can still pull this one out.

Ole Miss vs Florida State

Where I explain how Florida State is probably a major contender this year and why Ole Miss is probably facing a tough season.

USC vs Alabama

USC tries to prove they are playing big boy football again.

Houston vs Oklahoma

There's probably not an opening weekend game that will reveal more than this battle between the Sooners and Cougars. Naturally it's at noon on Saturday...

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