Thursday, September 29, 2016

Let's talk about the Aggies

They're quite good this year, and you know a Longhorn fan isn't going to run to that conclusion even if they seek objectivity over homerism.

I've got a post on how their revamped offensive staff has been doing a surprisingly good job building out a really strong spread-option run game around Trevor Knight's limited but very effective skill set. You can find it on SB Nation here.

He's basically Dr. Bo with a stronger arm and less accuracy, or Chad Kelly with better decision-making and less accuracy. Trevor Knight is sort of a throw back to triple option football of the past, he'd have been dominant in the wishbone. He's just good enough throwing the ball to make it work in the spread-option concept Noel Mazzone is running and Josh Reynolds and Ricky Seals-Jones are big, easy targets that are hard to miss. I'm happy for him, Trevor Knight was always a stand-up guy, even if he's tended to use his powers for evil (Oklahoma, Texas A&M).

Anyways, combine a legit rushing attack with this Chavis defense and you have a pretty nice team. Alabama will probably stomp them into the dust but whatever, that's no great mark of shame. They'd do the same to most everyone else as well.

Trevor Knight is probably going to put Texas A&M out of the Tom Herman sweepstakes so it'll be interesting to see how Sumlin regroups this team after next offseason when they lose Knight, Josh Reynolds, both offensive tackles, DEs Daeshon Hall and Myles Garrett, and safeties Armani Watts and Justin Evans. That's a huge chunk of the core of their team.

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  1. Knight has looked good so far for the Aggies. The advantage he's had so far is WR's that have outclassed DBs. Will that be the case vs LSU and Bama? His decision-making and accuracy in those situations got him trouble in Norman.

    Good luck to him and Ford (if not the Aggies on the whole).