Friday, September 16, 2016

How good or bad are the Vols on offense, really?

That seems to be the biggest question in the SEC East and the stakes are really quite high. If Tennessee won the SEC East with 1-2 losses and then managed to win the SEC title by some fluke or another, they'd be in the playoffs for sure.

If they took down an Alabama team that had bad luck with turnovers, was missing a player to injury, etc and who had thrashed the Vols earlier in the year (very likely) then what? Then maybe we have two SEC teams in the playoffs.

Regardless of all that, Tennessee is a big part of the story of 2016 and it's been a struggle to get a good handle on what part they are going to play. They look like the over-hyped team that "Clemsons" hard but then they haven't actually lost yet.

Over at SB Nation I break down what's up with their offense and whether it can be good enough to achieve something meaningful and interesting this season.

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