Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Breaking down West Virginia's all or nothing D

I'm becoming a big fan of Tony Gibson. Over at Football Study Hall I broke down the reasoning behind West Virginia's unique style of defense, which is proving pretty effective once against despite having to replace nearly every starter in the defensive backfield.

With OU, Baylor, and TCU all having to travel to Morgantown this season if this D can have a strong year and Skyler Howard can keep plugging away, West Virginia could finish in the top 3 in the conference.


  1. The rufwriter's spot didn't use your x's and o's knowledge much. A pity.
    Look forwarding to learning how Swoopes and Foreman will be employed to bludgeon an OU line that will be missing Ch Walker, again.

  2. Interesting how "good " defensive minds can get abused in the
    Big 12. Have to admit that many Big 12 games are more entertaining than some of the SEC contests. Waiting for the veer and shoot to hit the SEC. Maybe my Dawgs with Eason and some new blood in the WR corps could incorporate some ideas.
    Kirby clearly recruiting massive OL.

    1. Kirby seems to be opting for a diverse, pro-style set that despite running the ball heavily will require good QB play much like Fisher's system. In that event, the key is that you have a good QB coach around.

  3. Thanks for putting this together Ian! A welcome distraction during yet another bye week.

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