Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Detailing the success of Washington's D against the McCaffrey Cardinal

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Their next challenge, which I'll preview some in my Football Outsiders "7th day adventure" column, is stopping the Oregon Ducks.

I'm not sure that will go as swimmingly as their game against Stanford went, because the cover 3 schemes that Washington seems to prefer this year face a stiff challenge in dealing with a good spread-option team with a running QB, as Arizona demonstrated two weeks ago.

While quarters teams can converge on the ball with two deep safeties, a cover 3 team that's matching the outside receivers and has a single deep defender trying to stay on top of everything faces a stiffer challenge in stopping an option attack. It's doable, but the Huskies didn't do it very well against Arizona. If they can shore up the play of their front 6 well enough to shut down Oregon I'm not sure who else will stand in their way as they aim for a Pac-12 title and playoff berth.

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