Thursday, October 6, 2016

Previewing the Red River Shootout: Part I, Texas D vs OU O

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Part II coming tomorrow.


  1. I've gotten the sense that Charlie Strong is just out thinking himself defensively at Texas. I'm not suggesting he's a bad defensive mind, but that he's over-engineering his approach to stopping opposing offenses. For example, I'm not saying he's the best DC out there, but you'll never hear Bennett get accused of out scheming himself and Baylor does alright on defense. Why couldn't you take a similar approach with Texas-level athletes?

    1. Indeed. I'm betting they stay simpler against OU.

  2. The Sooners are far from a complete offense, but they do multiple things well:
    1. Run well with a Andrews and Flowers in the game.
    2. Short passing game with this grouping.
    OU's most effective package right now is Mixon, Perine, Flowers, Andrews, Westbrook. Andrews has been inconsistent as a blocker but did better vs TCU. Flowers has been a solid lead blocker throughout the year. Flowers and Andrews can be effective blowing up DBs in the screen game too.

    I imaging OU stays with this grouping as much as possible and may even split Mixon out to a true WR position. Flowers is also capable receiver and will also be a key blocker in these sets. UT has to be aware of OU running power with this combination, but all of these players are capable, if not explosive, receivers too.

    Things OU does poorly:
    1. Downfield passing in the absence of coverage busts. The Sooners will gladly take any gifts the Horns offer but OU WRs aren't winning deep balls.
    2. Third/forth down conversion. The Sooners are pedestrian at best at converting 3rd/4th downs (43%). This leads to barely mediocre numbers for avoiding short drives. Sooner average three 3-and-outs per game--this is average for college football--and 2 more 4-and-out drives per game.

    For an offense that **Should** be a model of efficiency, this high 3-and-out rate terrible. This is a combination of relatively high stuff rate and Mayfield wanting to go downfield too much on 3rd down.

    3. Decision making. One of the reasons OU's using fewer RPOs is Mayfield's decision making. His poor decisions are to blame for most of OU's sacks also.

    I'd imagine OU tries to be the model of efficiency vs UT, short passes and runs on 1st/2nd down. OU will then use play action and wait for the UT secondary to cue up Yakity Sax to allow big plays.

    1. Good thoughts.

      I'm guessing OU ends up hammering the running game and looking to bust Texas' aggressive yet often unsound play up front. Totally agree about the lack of deep weapons, though Mixon or Westbrook on a tunnel screen or cleverly designed play scare me.

      It's hilarious yet kind of terrifying that OU gets Mayfield and most of these guys for yet one more season.

  3. Orlando Brown, Mixon, and Perine are all likely gone after this year. If Mayfield doesn't play within the offense, I could see him losing his job next year too.

    Sxit's about to get really in Norman.

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