Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Reviewing the Red River Shootout

I gained some respect for the Sooners in this year's Red River Shootout. Sure, the Longhorns came in with a terrible defense trying to execute a terrible plan and were blown away by the OU offense. Still, the Sooners did a very good job of scheming the Texas offense and offering the blueprint that future opponents will undoubtedly apply.

With Steven Parker, Jordan Thomas, and Obo Okoronkwo on the field there's probably enough firepower and athleticism on this OU defense to create margin for their offense to outscore every team in this league. With TCU's home less to the Sooners (and CB problems) and my current uncertainty about Seth Russell (especially performing on the road in Norman) I'm naming the Sooners my favorite to win the league this year.

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  1. Surprisingly, Strong is on the Mike Stoops learning curve right now.

    Unlike the Stoops brothers, Strong appears to be a process-based coach and teacher. One would think that his experience will bring self-correction. However, if he's analysis is flawed leading him to learn the wrong lessons, then UT's got to move on.

    Rewatching the game, OU's defense has layers of problems. The young DBs were terrible covering the WR screen game and were easily confused by combo routes. Fortunately, Thomas, Houghton, Johnson are all supposed to be back this week. CB is still a fiasco but K-ST shouldn't really pose too much of a threat but will test the Fr CBs tackling ability.

    OU's DL injuries leave essentially no depth for rotation. They are down to replacement DEs and have only two NGs for K-ST. Fourth quarter collapses may be the norm for the Sooner run defense.

    K-ST's defense is an interesting challenge for OU's offense. The Cats have probably the best run efficiency defense in the conference. If the Sooners can run on them, you've got to favor OU to win the conference.

  2. I think the K-State passing game may prove more treacherous than you assume, although by the same token I'm not sure they can block Okoronkwo.

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